Green Envy is Crazy Great


Oh how we adore Green Envy Eco-Boutique located in Newport, RI. First of all, we just want to give a shout out to Green Envy for winning the 2012 Baabaazuzu Window Display contest. Check out their beautiful submission: Baabaazuzu definitely knows Green Envy is Crazy Great! Owner Rachel Lessne opened the doors to Green Envy in [...]

  1. Pat Josephson

    It is corny I know, but for C. I received the fingerless gloves (only kind I wear )
    And truly LOVE them. Am
    Ordering a jacket next. Thanks

  2. BBZZ Admin

    Glad to hear you enjoy the fingerless gloves! Look forward to designing a jacket for you, Pat.

Maggie & Me is Crazy Great


We’ve been embracing the fact that fall has finally arrived. And one thing is for sure, we’ve enjoyed morning treats (pumpkin flavored, of course) at The Zu. Mmm homemade pumpkin muffins and locally made pumpkin donuts–yes, fall is lovely with pumpkin flavored items. No place¬†quite does pumpkin food like Circleville, OH! The town is celebrating [...]

Red Chocolate Maggie’s is Crazy Great


Historic building–has us giddy. Historic cabin–we’re sold. Red Chocolate Maggie’s store owner, Lisa Howerton, explains her storefront beautifully, “We absolutely fell in love with the place and have been caring for it ever since. It has become an outlet for the display of the talented works of many of our creative artist friends and a [...]

In My Element is Crazy Great


Alaska has snow, bears and fabulous shopping! That’s right, shopping. And there’s a certain boutique that has us super intrigued–In My Element. This fabulous shoppe is located in Fairbanks, Alaska. Fairbanks sits in the heart of Alaska–where there are cold winters that are accompanied with a summer known as the “land of the midnight sun.” [...]

The Little Traveler is Crazy Great


First of all, we just adore the name of this store: The Little Traveler. This extravagant, historical boutique is located in Geneva, IL. The Little Traveler has been a part of Geneva’s history since 1922 and is located at the heart of the destination town in Chicago’s far west suburbs. And the sweet hometown of [...]